Here you find the House of Svaleng´s genealogical tree, it stretches over more than 400 years!
Follow the links from side to side to reach the root of the tree.
The Norwegian branch
The Swedish branch
The Canadian branch
The American branch

If you as a visitor discover that you are a relative or have any kind of
relationship with us, please contact
Weronicha with any data about that.
Also a single name is of importance.
On account of the Swedish "personal data law" (PUL),
please attach your permission to let me put your data on the web.
Click on the pic. if you want to see pictures
from 1997 of the farmstead "Svalingen bnr. 2".
The building on the picture, the old main building on the main farmstead, was demolish in the middle of the 1980´s in favour of a modern house. Only the extremely old barn, with enormously wide planks is left of the original buildings.