The familys known history started
Anno 1580-90
Oluff, our first known progenitor, was born somewhere inbetween 1580-90.
He settled down on a piece of land and started what later became the "Røssaa farmstead".
It still exists today and is situated in Hemnes kommun (kommen=municipality)
ca 35 km outside Mo i Rana just below the arctic-circle.
This is as far back as it has been possible too find the roots of our family tree.

To the genealogy:

Here you will find our family tree stretching over 400 years and including the houses of:
Svaleng, Moene, Åhlén & Nyström.
The Svalengs live and originate from an area called Hemnes, which is in the nothern part of Norway.
The Moene´s originates from and are living in Oppdal in Norway.
The Åhlén´s originates from Tibble in Uppland, outside Stockholm, Sweden.
Nyström originates from a lad with "father och mother unknown"...
born at Bergsgränd, Kungsholmen in Stockholm, Sweden. His father was, according to the myth in the family, a preacher in a Free Church in Sorunda, Södermanland, Sweden.
The House of Nyström are now extinct.
Members of the House of Svaleng are also living in
Canada and the USA since about a 100 years.
In the USA & Canada some families have transformed the name to a more "english sounding" style like Svaling & Swalling.
To make things even more complicated, the surname Swalling also exists in Sweden, England and Australia.
Between Sweden and England there are no known connections.
In England I have found Swalling´s down to the 17`th century and with that I dispose of any eventuall relationship with them because the Svaleng´s from Norway (as far as I know) started to emigrate at the turn of the 19`th century. Because of that I find it most unlikely that we are related, thou some of them have had very Scandinavian sounding first names. This fact possibly can have a explanation in our (northerners) "visits" in England about the 11`th century and after.
In Norway is one more family with the surname Svaleng, but their name is taken about 1930-40.
and they therefore are not descendants from the old farmstead Svaleng in Hemnes, according to that familys elder.
Possibly the Swalling´s in Australia belongs to our vår family, I am searching into that.

If you who are reading this, have any clue or tip,
please contact me.